Please choose the best

Task based

For clients with a single legal problem. Do you need an opinion, letter, contract? Let’s specify IT, then settle the RATE* and let us act accordingly.

Time based

For clients who require a specific ACTION (e.g. participation in negotiations or a hearing, legal analysis of documents , etc.), where we are not able to specify the workload from the outset. We determine the expected and possible EFFECT and RATE* per hour of work.

Complex (most frequent)

For clients who want to concentrate on their work, and at the same time need to be sure that everything is OK in legal terms. We define the period in which I handle the LEGAL CASE and RATE* for such period.

* The rate depends on the type and complexity of the case. Unfortunately, I cannot put in a specific price list here (although I also like transparency), because your matters are unique, just like your companies and your work. However, you can be sure of one thing - after establishing cooperation, my actions and our settlements will always be clear.
Everyone likes to know what they pay for.

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